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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. – Eleanor Roosevelt

We all spend an enormous amount of our time working at something, paycheck or not.

And, to be perfectly honest, a lot of the time we often feel overwhelmed by situations and challenges we’d like to ask questions about, but we feel we should somehow have gotten those answers much sooner, somewhere along the way.

Working Life Advice exists to relieve this dilemma.

Culling from a variety of resources, including the teachings of well known, highly successful individuals, and the wisdom and experience of Working Life Advice readers/contributors, we’ll all benefit from the thoughts, achievements, and philosophies of this collective wisdom.

Nothing is ‘off the table’ as together we explore such topics as managing change, credibility, leadership, motivation, and much more. The intent of Working Life Advice is to provide the insights, inspiration, and solace that will help each of us get much more enjoyment and productivity out of our work lives.


Cynthia Dalton

Cynthia Dalton
Cynthia Dalton

Cynthia Dalton is a native Californian, a self-confessed “idea junkie,” and crossword puzzle enthusiast (kind of like being on Jeopardy, only nobody knows when you mess-up).

Cynthia originally trained as an art historian and film critic and these have remained a life-long passion.

She has taught business administration at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for more years than she’s willing to admit.

Cynthia’s blog, Working Life Advice, exists to explore topics that bring more enjoyment and productivity to working lives everywhere.

She is the author of Battle Fatigue – 25 Tips on Staying Motivated – Even When You Feel Overwhelmed, Stressed, and Fearful.

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