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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Defeat Stuckage!

photo credit: Andrea Costa Creative via photopin cc
photo credit: Andrea Costa Creative via photopin cc

Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else. – Les Brown

We’ve all been there. Those times in our lives when everything feels bottle-necked and stuck.

Stuckage Sucks!

 Stuckage is the opposite of action, and action is the number one requirement for really living our lives to the fullest.

 What Causes Stuckage?

 Clinging to our comfort zone (which could more accurately be called our discomfort zone) where things don’t feel right, but at least they feel familiar. The breaking point arrives when something unforeseen occurs and we know that clinging to our comfort zone has kept us from the strategies, tools, and knowledge we would have had to effectively manage the sudden change we now face, if only we’d ventured into uncharted waters ahead of time.

 We feel like a rusty lock — all potential and no actual.

 What’s The Cure for Stuckage?

 Clinging and taking action are two distinctly different and mutually exclusive activities. The longer we fail to take action, and the longer we cling to where we feel ‘safe’ the more we put off taking the cure for stuckage, the WD 40 of life, making decisions.

 Making Decisions Is The Cure For Stuckage.

 Venturing outside our comfort zone is all about deliberately inaugurating change in our lives before change has a crack at taking us by surprise with a big chomp on the patoot. Put another way, it’s about oiling up and developing a muscle for change through decision making.

 Creating Resolves Is The Key To Arriving At Decisions.

 Resolves are actionable promises you make to yourself that are essentially a contract between you and yourself based on those changes you believe will be most beneficial to you as well as to those you care about most. To fulfill the ‘contract’ you need to agree to take specific actions, that require appropriate decisions, that must be weighed against:

  •  Your priorities
  • How best to live your values
  • Your pre-existing responsibilities
  • The most effective use of your time

 For example, if you resolve to be more physically active, then you need to:

  •  Move physical activity to the top of your list of priorities
  • Make it a moral imperative
  • Find time for it without compromising your responsibilities
  • Make the most effective use of your time, by foregoing something less meaningful to you, in order to make time for your resolve

 No More Stuckage.

 With your decisions in place, you can now fulfill the contract you’ve made with yourself.

 Setting in motion cycles of selective change, resolve, and decision-making releases the potential in all of us, and slays stuckage right in its tracks.

 Please tell me your thoughts on getting unstuck, in the Comments section below.

 In the meantime,

 Bestest to all,Cynthia Dalton signature