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Appreciating escaping the rat-race for a while.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. — Max Ehrmann, Desiderata

I’m writing this on a Sunday morning. In fact, this is the first Sunday in a long time when I’ve had some time to be by myself. I decided early this morning, with great deliberateness, to take this one day and underachieve.

Normally I would have the television tuned to something informational (not necessarily profound, just informational), a one pot meal beginning to simmer on the stove, and a load of laundry ready for drying.

But not today.

This morning I rediscovered the pleasure of silence. Of doing nothing more than staring into a steaming cup of green tea infused with mint and lemongrass, gently shimmering, residing in temporary glory, in an over-sized, clear glass teacup.

Most of the time a hot beverage is merely a desk-side companion, the main purpose of which is to allow me to punctuate the end of one task and the beginning of another. Something appreciated in passing, but otherwise barely noticed.

But not today.

Momentarily, my thoughts drift back over the past week, a hectic blur of emails and appointments, traffic snarls, and pedestrians, telephone conversations and quick exchanges — first at the bank, then at the UPS store, then at the supermarket.

But not today.

Nothing dramatic has come of this absence of chaos today, just a renewed appreciation for the reinvigorating effects of serene downtime.

I’m not good at building such time into each and every day, but in the future I’m going to make a point of far more periodic breaks like this one. I’m going to say to myself:


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In the meantime,

Bestest to all,Cynthia Dalton signature